The high-quality latex bracelet "Size Queen" has not only the advantage to store your money better then any wallet, it also gives a discreet hint what kind of present you hide in your pants.

Bracelet sizes total length / **inside diameter / size

20cm / 17cm** / XXS

21cm / 18cm** / XS

22cm / 19cm** / S

23cm / 20cm** / M

24cm / 21cm** / L

25cm / 22cm** / XL

26cm / 23cm** / XXL

(**determined by the overhang of the button band)


  • Latex

Take care of me

  • hand washed in warm water to remove dust and oil.

  • For a glossy finish, we recommend latex polish used with a lint-free cloth.

  • Storage garments powdered avoiding the direct sun to preserve color and elasticity

HEAVYTOOL-GEAR is a Berlin based latex atelier, mixing the sexiest material with the appealing fits of sportswear. Designed by Maximilian Benedikt von Wallenberg, they produce handcrafted, playful and unapologetic pieces in high-end quality for the sex-club kids of Berlin and the world.

Shipping fees will be calculated according to your postal address/location. Please allow up to seven working days for your delivery to be dispatched.

Berlin fetish and club fashion for a sex-positive lifestyle.

By the scene / For the scene