Maya Ring Silver


Stylish, unique stainless-steel jewelry ring with rotating gold ring to mark the hour or number on the jewelry ring. Mayan numbers engraved top of the ring, as well as "MYL BERLIN" logo. Incl. Dust-/protection-bag and high-quality Gift box.


  • Made of stainless steel

  • Brilliant, durable colors due to special anodizing method

Take care of me

  • Hand wash only

  • Dry with a cotton wipe

MYL BERLIN is a monument to uniqueness and the bold. The Berlin-based brand shows how preconceived notions and social definition blocks us from seeing the stunning beauty of diversity, its power to inspire and push progress. Every collection is thoughtful crafted to astonish, to tribute the uniqueness that woes us, and to carry the message of love, as well as absolute equality.

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Berlin fetish and club fashion for a sex-positive lifestyle.

By the scene / For the scene