Men's Biker Trousers


Fitted biker trousers with wrap closing in the front and long waistband to wrap around your body. One back pocket and two detachable pockets to be added to the waistband using 0.8mm natural Latex. It fits many body types and has a modern pattern which represents the new generation of latex design.


  • Latex

Take care of me

  • hang on plastic (non-metal) hangers to avoid creasing.

  • Product powdered with talc. To remove talc, use a lint-free cloth to achieve a matte finish. For a glossy finish, we recommend latex polish used with a lint-free cloth.

  • hand washed in warm water to remove dust and oil.

  • Storage garments powdered avoiding the direct sun to preserve color and elasticity

MÁTHÉ is a warrior-like expression in order to protect, focus, and take space. Florian Máthé is a Berlin-based designer and performer specializing in latex as a medium of unapologetically queer and artistic expression.

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Berlin fetish and club fashion for a sex-positive lifestyle.

By the scene / For the scene