Pangolin Backpack


This backpack is made of 100% Recycled Rubber on the outside, sturdy denim on the inside, and a waterproof zipper.

At the back part of the bag, you find a little waterproof pocket, big enough for your passport and bank cards, lined with a special anti-spy material where your bankcards can't be scanned through!

The bag also has a hidden secret pocket for your private items not to be found.

The big part of the inside is divided into 2 parts.


  • 100% Recycled Rubber

  • waterproof zipper

  • anti-spy lining fabric

Take Care of Me

  • hand wash

The unisex rubber bag designs answer the need for wearable gear that can cleverly transport party essentials into clubs and festivals, and still look good! “Kalinoor” is designer Noraly van Deursen’s second creation, the little sister label of Cyberesque.

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Berlin fetish and club fashion for a sex-positive lifestyle.

By the scene / For the scene