Two Squares Straw


The 2 Square Straw necklace pendant shows with its beautiful square design that consumption can have class. In addition, it reduces health risks and gives every party looks certain something. The material is copper which is golden, and the color will change from night to night and underline your personal style.


  • Copper

Take care of me

  • Keep your copper jewelry clean by occasionally washing it with lukewarm, soapy water

  • Dry and polish with a soft cloth.

  • You can also use a soft cloth to gently polish your jewelry using a polish.

Leo Teofilo produces pipers and sniffers that are very efficient and essential for the use of inhalants and smokes, but they also add aesthetic-visual value that, consequently, contributes to reduce stigma, raise the user's self-esteem and naturalize the recreational use of substances. Their pieces are handmade, on organic production in small series.

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Berlin fetish and club fashion for a sex-positive lifestyle.

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